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Promo Tahun 2019 Digital Hammer Test Proceq SilverSchmidt

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  • Product Information and Details Digital Hammer Test Proceq SilverSchmidt

    The SilverSchmidt ST/PC is the first integrated concrete test hammer featuring true rebound value and unmatched repeatability.
    Two factors contribute to the improved performance of this concrete test hammer over its predecessors:

    Velocity based detection of the rebound quotient
    The lightweight hybrid design of the impact plunger is made from aerospace alloy, matched to the elastic properties of the concrete and equipped with a hardness steel cap

    Independent validation testing by BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany) has shown the SilverSchmidt ST/PC to have less dispersion than the classical concrete test hammer over the entire range.
    The unique design and high quality construction of the concrete test hammer SilverSchmidt ST/PC makes rebound hammer testing quicker and more accurate than ever before.


    The SilverSchmidt ST/PC concrete test hammer combines a high measurement accuracy with an unmatched repeatability.
    The rebound value requires no angular correction
    The concrete test hammer offers customer conversion curves for a wide range of compressive concrete strengths, including low fc (<10 N/mm2, 1450 psi) and high strength concrete (up to 100 N/mm2, 14500 psi)
    A large number of measurement points can be easily collected by the concrete test hammer and automatically evaluated according to statistical data
    The concrete test hammer offers automatic conversion to the required measurement unit (MPa, N/mm2, kg/cm2, psi)

    Technical Data
    Mechanical data Type ST N / PC N
    concrete test hammer Type ST L / PC L
    concrete test hammer
    Impact energy 2.207 Nm 0.735 Nm
    Hammer mass 135 g 135 g
    Spring constant 0.79 N/mm 0.26 N/mm
    Spring extension 75 mm (2.95) 75 mm (2.95)
    Housing dimensions 55 x 55 x 255 mm (2.16 x 2.16 x 9.84)
    Weight 570 g (1.3 lb)

    PC application
    Only for the concrete test hammer SilverSchmidt versions PC N and PC L: Hammerlink Software

    Electrical data
    Display 17 x 71 pixels; graphic / alphanumeric
    Power consumption ~13 mA measuring, ~4 mA setup and review, ~0.02 mA idle
    Battery life >5000 impacts (before recharging)
    Charger connection USB type B (5V, 100 mA)

    Measuring ranges
    Concrete compressive strength 10-100 N/mm2 (1450-14500 psi)
    Operating temperature 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F)
    Storage temperature -10 to 70 C (14 to 158 F)

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