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Total Station TOPCON ES 105 Reflectorless
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Total Station TOPCON ES 105 ini sudah reflectorless dan memiliki fitur unik, dengan Teknologi TSShield bisa memantau rekaman penggunaan secara online dan dapat mengunci TS dari jarak jauh bila alat ini dicuri.

The new ES Series was designed from the ground up to deliver the very latest technology advantages, all in a small, sleek design youll appreciate the advantages from the very first measurement.

Featuring a class leading EDM unit, the ES is able to measure up to 4,000m to standard prisms, and can measure in reflectorless mode up to 500m at an incredible 3mm + 2ppm accuracy.

Measurements are carried out faster than ever, and at 15mm (over 30m), the bright red laser dot pinpoints features with ease.

Features Total Station TOPCON ES 105:
Worlds First TSshield Remote Security and Notification System

Disable your instrument remotely if lost or stolen
Get notified of Firmware updates
Online instrument operational history

Ultra-Powerful, Advanced EDM

500m non-prism range
4000m prism range
Less than 1 second fine measurement

The exclusive LongLink communications functionality in every ES Series model provides operational capabilities never before offered in a manual total station. With a 300m range wireless communication using Bluetooth Class 1 technology, you can now operate the data collector from the smart-spot of the crew, the prism pole. Also referred to the two-man, economical robot solution, Topcons new LongLink technology brings a whole new level of flexibility to your manual field crew.
Advanced Angle Encoder System

Best in Class 1 angle accuracy available
Incorporates exclusive IACS (Intelligent Automatic Calibration System) on 1 & 2 models

Ultimate in Rechargeable operation 36 Hours!

Up to 36 hours of operation on a single charge.*1
Eliminates the need for nightly recharging and carrying extra batteries.
Work with confidence all day without the worry of dead batteries.

Rugged, Waterproof Design

Waterproof/Dustproof IP66 design handles the toughest environments
Magnesium-alloy housing providing stable angle accuracy Completely

Easy Access USB 2.0 Memory

Up to 8MB storage
Environmentally protected
Compatible with industry standard accessories and cables

*1 Operating time may vary depending on environmental conditions and type of work being performed.

Spesifikasi Total Station TOPCON ES 105 :
Model ES-101 ES-102 ES-103 ES-105 ES-107
Magnification / Resolving power 30x / 2.5 30x / 3.5
Others Length: 171mm (6.7in.), Objective aperture: 45mm (1.8in.) (48mm (1.9in.) for EDM), Image: Erect, Field of view: 130 (26m/1,000m), Minimum focus: 1.3m (4.3ft.), Reticle illumination: 5 brightness levels
Angle measurement
Display resolution gon, 0.002 / 0.005mil) 1 / 5
(0.0002 / 0.001gon, 0.005 / 0.02mil)
Accuracy (ISO 17123-3:2001) 1 2 3 5 7
IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) Provided
Dual-axis compensator / Collimation compensation Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor, working range: 6 (111mgon) / Collimation compensation available
Distance measurement
Laser output *1 Reflectorless mode: Class 3R / Prism / sheet mode: Class 1
Measuring range
(under average conditions*2) Reflectorless*3 0.3 to 500m(1.0 to 1,640ft.)
Reflective sheet*4/*5 RS90N-K: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.)
RS50N-K: 1.3 to 300m (4.3 to 980ft.), RS10N-K: 1.3 to 100m (4.3 to 320ft.)
Mini prisms CP01: 1.3 to 2,500m (8,200ft.), OR1PA: 1.3 to 500m (1,640ft.)
One AP prism 1.3 to 4,000m (4.3 to 13,120ft.) / Under good conditions*6: 5,000m (16,400ft.)
Three AP prisms to 5,000m (16,400ft.) / Under good conditions*6: to 6,000m (19,680ft.)
Display resolution Fine/Rapid: 0.001m / 0.01ft. / 1/8in. Tracking: 0.01m / 0.1ft. / 1/2in.
Accuracy*2 Reflectorless*3 (3 + 2ppm x D) mm*7
(ISO 17123-4:2001) Reflective sheet*4 (3 + 2ppm x D) mm
(D=measuring distance in mm) AP/CP prism (2 + 2ppm x D) mm
Measuring time*8 Fine: 0.9s (initial 1.7s), Rapid: 0.7s (initial 1.4s), Tracking: 0.3s (initial 1.4s)
Interface and Data management
Display / Keyboard Graphic LCD, 192 x 80 dots, backlight, contrast adjustment / Alphanumeric keyboard / 25 keys with backlight
Control panel location*9 On both faces On one face
Trigger key On right instrument support
Data storage Internal memory Approx. 10,000 points
Plug-in memory device USB flash memory (max. 8GB)
Interface Serial RS-232C, USB2.0 (Type A, for USB fl ash memory)
Bluetooth modem (option)*10 Bluetooth Class 1, Ver.2.1+EDR, Operating range: up to 300m (980ft.)*11
Laser-pointer*12 Coaxial red laser using EDM beam
Guide light*12 Green LED (524nm) and Red LED (626nm), Operating range: 1.3 to 150m (4.3 to 490ft.)
Levels Graphic 6 (Inner Circle)
Circular level 10 / 2mm
Optical Plummet (Optional in N. & S. America) Magnification: 3x, Minimum focus: 0.3m (11.8in.) from tribrach bottom
Laser Plummet (Standard in N. & S. America) Red laser diode (635nm10nm), Beam accuracy: <=1.0mm@1.3m, Class 2 laser product
Dust and water protection IP66 (IEC 60529:2001)
Operating temperature*13 -20 to +50C (-4 to +122F)
Size with handle*8 Control panel on both faces: W191 x D181 x H348mm (W7.5 x D7.1 x H13.7in.)
Control panel on one face: W191 x D174 x H348mm (W7.5 x D6.9 x H13.7in.)
Weight with handle and battery Approx. 5.6kg (12.3 lb.)
Power supply
Battery BDC70 detachable battery Li-ion rechargeable battery
Operating time (20C) BDC70 Approx. 36 hours (single distance measurement every 30 seconds)
External battery (option) BDC60: approx. 44 hours, BDC61: approx. 89 hours
(single distance measurement every 30 seconds)

Kelengkapan Paket Total Station TOPCON ES 105 :

2x aluminium tripod

1x range pole 2,15m

1x prisma poligon/tribrach

1x prisma detail/pole

1x USB Flashdisk + software download

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