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jual Repeater ICOM FR 5200 BARU

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Repeater Icom IC-FR5200 Radio Analog & Digital Frekwensi 136-174Mhz ( VHF ) Channel Max 32 Channel Spesifikasi : 50W Full Duty Cycle Digital Repeater 50W 100% Duty Cycle Operation Employing a high performance power amplifier, together with the solid heatsink built into the chassis, the IC-FR5200H series provides a reliable 100% duty cycle operation at 50W output. IDAS, Analog FM and Mixed Mode The IC-FR5200H series is compatible with both analog FM mode and IDAS conventional and NXDN Type-D trunking* mode. Program digital and/or analog FM modes per channel. The mixed mode operation allows you to receive both analog FM and IDAS conventional modes and to transmit either mode depending on the received signal. * Type-D Trunking and network controller functions are not available, depending on version. 32 Channel Capacity and 5 Programmable Buttons The 12-digit dot-matrix display, 5 programmable buttons, 32 memory channels and internal speaker allow you to use the repeater as a simple base station or to check repeater activity. LEDs on the front panel show channel conditions. Built-in Type-D Trunking and Network Controller* The Type-D multi-site trunking/conventional functions are integrated in the repeater. The IP network capability extends your communication coverage and allows you to remotely control the repeater settings. * Type-D Trunking and network controller functions are not available, depending on version. D-SUB 25-pin Accessory Connector The IC-FR5200H series has a programmable D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector for connecting external remote control devices. Also, modulation/demodulation signals can be input/output from the D-SUB connector. Multiple CTCSS, DTCS Tone and RAN Code Decode The IC-FR5200H

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