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Jual OTDR MINI VEex OPX BOX 36/38 db harga terjangkau

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VeEX Agizer OPX-BOX: Mini-OTDR

Ultra compact high-end OTDR with Bluetooth wireless and USB control.Introducing Fiberizer Cloud | OTDR Trace Analysis Web Service
Up to 3 wavelengths for OTDR including Live port.
Up to 42dB Dynamic Range and 1/4m Dead Zones.
Optional LS/CW mode and VFL. To enable LS or VFL no remote control needed.
Software to control this device available for all popular platforms (Windows/Android/iOS/Linux)
Optimized for using with Fiberizer Cloud – powerful online tool for OTDR traces batch analysis and reporting

Features & Benefits
Data Sheets

VeEX OPX-BOX OTDR designed to be used with Fiberizer software

Fiberizer software family

OPX-BOX OTDR specially designed to be used with Fiberizer software. It can be controlled via USB or Bluetooth from all supported platforms.

Fiberizer Cloud Connectivity

Thanks to wireless internet (3G, WiFi) connection available for most of the Tablet PCs users – now easy to upload measurement data to the server right from the field and/or receive instructions from supervisor.

Mobile Trace Analysis software with desktop capabilities

Many years of our experience have been transformed into advanced software optimized for quick and fail-safe operations, to be used by any levels of technicians. We have turned mobile devices limitations into advantages (mobility, simplicity).

VeEX OPX-BOX OTDR designed to be used with tablets and smart phones

Smart “BOX”

For simple operation like turning on VFL or LS just use power button double-click (no any remote control need)
Changeable optical adaptors (SC/FC/ST/LC)
Aluminium case and gap-free design protect your device in hazard environment.

Connection with PC USB, Bluetooth
Power supply Li-Ion Battery (8 hours)
Dimensions 125 x 31 x 85 mm (* w/o rubber boot)
Weight 0.4 kg

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Jual GPS Geodetic Static E- Survey E 300


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