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jual fusion splicer sumitomo T400s

Kategori Fusion Splicer
Stok Ready
Kodefusion seplicer
Di lihat 76 kali
Berat(/pcs)2KG Kg
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Anda Hemat Rp 2.000.000 (4.26%)
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Fusion splicer Sumitomo T-400S hout the design process. One of the key features of the T-400S is the Super-Wide concept, which provides an extended adjustment range of fiber position in the X and Y axes compared to conventional splicers. Super-Wide makes the T-400S tolerant to imperfectly cleaned fibers and less sensitive to fibers misplaced by unskilled operators.

Super-Wide X/Y adjustment helps to save time and effort spent on site and reduces the possibility of redoing the splicing work after a splice box has been closed.

Sumitomo T-400S with Super-Wide helps even unexperienced operators conduct splicing work quickly and accurately, pushing down the cost of FTTx installation.

For further FTTX flexibility, the T-400S’s universal Multi-Clamp and removable fiber holders allow splicing of a wide variety of fiber coating media. The T-400S handles FTTH drop cables, ruggedised cords, loose buffer and tight buffer secondary coated fibers, primary coated fibers, and Splice-On field assembly connectors.

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